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"I know I was born and I know that I'll die. The in-between is mine. I am mine." #PearlJam #IAmMine

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"Sirens," Pearl Jam lyrics

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No words can express how much I LOVE this song!!! The pain and passion in his voice touch my soul!!!! ❤️

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"Just Breathe," Pearl Jam lyrics

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I can't think of another song that rips my heart out, and makes me feel so peaceful at the same time.

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Pearl Jam on

I just had these lyrics in my head yesterday...

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Pearl Jam on

Nothingman - Pearl Jam

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"Just Breathe" Pearl Jam, One of the GREATEST songs ever recorded. …

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Words scratched out, repeat the word why, superimposed, cross out someone, emphasize mine. Soften beautiful.

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Pearl Jam elderly woman lyric Art Quote 8X10 door paperlovespen, $15.00

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