Paul McCartney holding an Asahi Pentax, which was my first 'real' camera in 1975. It got stolen on Kennedy Airport the same year. AL

Paul McCartney in Miami Note his black-body Asahi Pentax camera, the last Asahi model before the Spotmatic was introduced.

♥♥J. Paul McCartney♥♥

Beatlemaníaca desde eu ainda me surpreendo com fotos incríveis dos Beatles [e que eu NUNCA tinha visto na vida]. Beatlemaniac since I am still surprised by incredible pictures of the Beatles [and that I had NEVER seen in my life].

McCartney in 1964. At the time, his musical primacy was taken for granted.

Paul McCartney’s Magnificent Melodic Gift

Paul McCartney wearing a fair isle sweater. SWOON. (pictures like this are why i made this category)

33 Celebrities With Their Cameras

paul mccartney with a camera, tea, fair isle sweater, and a beard. these are a few of my favorite things.

✔️ Paul in concert 2012 (if only I could've seen George before it was too late)

Happy Birthday, Paul McCartney: 70 Iconic Images for 70 Years

Happy Birthday, Paul McCartney: 70 Iconic Images for 70 Years - LightBox 1963

Paul McCartney - circa Red Rose Speedway                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Paul McCartney - Red Rose Speedway Alternate - Full Disc 1 Country Dreamer (Final Mix) Night Out (Rough Mix) One More Kiss (Final Mix) .

The Beatles: photographs of the first US tour 1964 - Telegraph

The Beatles: photographs of the first US tour 1964

Possibly my favorite 'Beatle', though I have a hard time picking just one.

Paul McCartney relaxes on a poolside lounge chair at the Deauville Hotel. Bob Gomel / Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image

17 Quirky Photos of the Beatles You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Paul McCartney & Baby Stella,1970 by  Linda McCartney---this reminds me of my mom. I've been thinking of her and missing her a lot these past couple of days. - Saiba mais sobre Lendas da Músicas no E-Book Gratuito – 25 VOZES QUE MUDARAM A HISTÓRIA DA MÚSICA em

25 Vozes Que Mudaram a História da Música

To most people, Linda McCartney was simply the wife of famed member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney. Paul with his daughter Mary .

"Oooo, that guy's cute!" - Heather  "You mean Paul from The Beatles...????" - Tiffany  "Oh..." - Heather

Paul McCartney Drinking From A Coconut

Can we all just take a moment to realize how wonderful this picture of Paul McCartney kissing that coconut is.

Credit: Michael Peto/© University Of Dundee, The Peto Collection Paul McCartney, 1965

Michael Peto's archive - in pictures

Stories behind 'Yesterday'—which topped the charts 50 years ago this week—and nine other classic Beatles songs