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Will the SCD Diet Work for You? How to Find Out. We all have different bodies that are damaged a little differently and the SCD Diet requires a bit of tweaking for each person to get it just right...

Panic Attack Survival Guide. This is excellent. Worth printing off, and carrying it around. #panic #anxiety #recovery More

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Sharing this tip in the hope it may help someone. I don't have the need to use it myself but feel I should share.

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Positive self talk for High Anxiety Situations or Panic Attacks. Breathe & be brave. It will be okay - you've been through this all before & survived.

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(Sharing here as well) Ok see this ^^ don't do it.DO NOT touch someone without their consent esp if they're having a panic attack or episode, it can make things worse, it can make them uncomfortable, the best thing you can do is just sit back and talk to them about your day or something. JUST DON"T DO THIS (This is saying to hold them even if they struggle..sound wrong to anyone?)

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Anxiety vs. Panic attacks

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