Hey I'm paige I'm 15 and single I used to be best friends with Brooke but I became popular and a.bully I don't bully maddie mackenzie chloe but I do bully brooke-intro

She is so different now when she was on dance moms she was like 12 years old and she's now

Some people say Nobody's Perfect, I say "have you ever heard of paige hyland?"

Some people say nobody's perfect well en I say haven't you ever heard of paige hyland or Kendall vertes or any of the girls on dance moms cause they're perfect

Trying out for Carlie: *Crys hard* *yells* im just a good for nothing dancer. Im going to quit*runs out of the studio*

Paige Hyland

"I'm Paige hyland I'm 16 and single my room is 119. I've been invited because of my excellence in acro  and musical theatre"

Paige Mackenzie Hyland (born November is the youngest child of Randy and Kelly Hyland.