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"The Dream" by Pablo Picasso created in 1932

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Picasso in the Sun

Pablo Picasso photographed in his studio near Cannes, France in 1956. The Thonet rocking chair in the distance appears in many of his paintings.

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Woman dressing her hair

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The Retrato de Dora Maar painting is made by Pablo Picasso at 1936. It is a cubism. It is a style and movement in art, especially painting, in which perspective with a single viewpoint was abandoned and use was made of simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes, and, later, collage. Picasso used basic lines and shapes to paint an abstract portrait. He used many different colors to make his painting more conspicuous and different.

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Pablo Picasso 'Tete d'une Femme Lisant' Hand-painted Framed Art Print

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From Goya to Picasso: Spanish art at Scotland's National Gallery

Crying woman (1937) by Pablo Picasso. Qué profunda tristeza siento al contemplarlo! !!

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"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it" - Pablo Picasso -

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Pablo Picasso for Kids |

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Pablo Picasso, Self portrait.

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Portrait of Sylvette David in green chair, 1954 Pablo Picasso

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