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Third Grade Science Stations that follow the Next Generation Science Standards…

Third Grade Science Stations

Third grade properties of matter bulletin board
6 NGSS Aligned STEM Challenges designed specifically for 3rd Graders! Science and Engineering Activities

Third Grade STEM

Third Grade Thinkers: Science Investigation: A Soil Study
There's not a grade too big for a word wall. I will have a wall of words we will discover and words we already figured out!

Science Word Wall Vocabulary Cards- Third Grade

A BUNDLE of 9 Science Stations Sets that cover all Next Generation Science Standards for third grade: Force & Motion Static Electricity & Magnetism Life Cycles: Plants and Animals

Third Grade Science Stations – ALL Next Generation Science Standards

This social studies interactive notebook for third grade is perfect for your classroom and activities. Bring common core and learning to your students with these fun classroom templates.

Social Studies Interactive Notebook for 3rd Grade - Supreme Court, Government

Physical Science: States of Matter. This is a great exercise for Third Grade. Also, there are many other fun activities in the NO PREP Packet for May!                                                                                                                                                      Más
Do you struggle to find on-level informational texts for your students to read? These Life Cycle Articles come in two formats (two-page with photos and one page with just text) and include QR Codes for additional research via web sites and videos, and a Fact Sheet useful for sorting. These are perfect for second grade and third grade classrooms studying life cycles in science.

Life Cycles & Metamorphosis: Science Stations, Articles & Graphic Organizers