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Hello, I'm Dominic. (Character in progress) More

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Rodney (poseidon) "I have made a new word!" "What? "Pi-suzzle!!!" "Good luck with that." Said Kate, as she walked away. "They'll put it in the dictionary!"said Rodney, as he got up and ran to catch up with her.

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✮ ANIME ART ✮ animal. . .cat. . .anime boy with animal. . .playful. . .silly. . .cute. . .kawaii

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Kawaii anime boy so cute

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Psycho-Pass 2 - I don't even like this bastard but DAYUM this fanart!!

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Grüne Augen und es wäre Milo Mehr

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Shun Matsuoka from Kimi to Boku (I apologize, I don't know who the artist is)

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I realized I have only drawn anime girls before and I want learn how to draw guys so bare with me and my anime guy pics >~<

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He is so cute *^* anime boy with black hair and blue eyes

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Yukine. I've only seen the anime, and I know it isn't enough to judge already, but I don't really like Yukine. But this pic is cute, so!

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High Spirits - Chapter 3

Whyv!! definitivamente es como el

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-peeks over book-

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707, Seven | Mystic Messenger | Cute Anime Boy | Otome Game

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cute neko boys - Google Searrrch

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FanArt❤ it's so fucking cool

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