Rodney (poseidon) "I have made a new word!" "What? "Pi-suzzle!!!" "Good luck with that." Said Kate, as she walked away. "They'll put it in the dictionary!"said Rodney, as he got up and ran to catch up with her.

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Kawaii anime boy so cute

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Hello, I'm Dominic. (Character in progress) More

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He is so cute *^* anime boy with black hair and blue eyes

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Psycho-Pass 2 - I don't even like this bastard but DAYUM this fanart!!

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Shun Matsuoka from Kimi to Boku (I apologize, I don't know who the artist is)

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Anime boy, , manga boy, , anime drawing, , sleepy, , rubbing the eye, , cute

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This is my best friend Crimson.

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Rei is 16 and is a professional hacker, getting him into trouble from time to time. He's super smart and sarcastic, and can fix or destroy any computer based system in a matter of seconds. He's good at covering his tracks, too, and almost never gets caught. His dream is to get paid for what he does, and is currently working with FBI agents that just might have the job for him. He'll be a handful to take care of, but it'll surely be worth it.

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anime boy and kisaragi shintaro image

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