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Kevin McKidd aka Dr Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy..probably the only attractive red head male on earth haha

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" I need something to be good..." - Owen Hunt, Grey's Anatomy S11 E3 |

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Forget McDreamy and McSteamy

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Community Post: Who Is Your "Grey's Anatomy" Boyfriend?

I got Dr. Owen Hunt! im pretty satisfied with that.. Who Is Your "Grey's Anatomy" Boyfriend?

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Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt - Season 10 cast photos

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Still of Kevin McKidd in Grey's Anatomy...he looks a lot like airport guy, and a little clymer

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Studying and sleeping

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Kevin McKidd: Scottish television and film actor and director. Best known for playing the role of Owen Hunt in “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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"And it's been an honor to be your Owen Hunt." Kevin McKidd to Sandra Oh. That's the real deal.

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Annie Leibovitz for The Macallan Masters of Photography. Kevin McKidd

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