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Otaku Problems: Otaku Problem#4

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Omg this is actually so accurate xD Everyone in my house knows when a precious poster has fallen down xD

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This is me for books, animes, movies, cupcakes. You name it i can probably freakout over the top and GUARANTEED someone will walk in and be concerned for my well being and question my mental state of sanity.

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When I watch anime on an I pad and there's a happy ending I can't help but smile,then when someone walks in the room you look creepy

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17 Issues Only Anime Fans Can Relate To

Baka!! *grin* - I may not be able to make complete sentences but I sure as hell can call someone an Idiot!! pfft....

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I will name them after an animal character! The problem is which one?

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ALWAYS! I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN A MANGA OR ANIME! ........ But I know that's not going to happen.... heh...

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Otaku Issues... Oh my god i hate that!! Or when you find out the character is actually from a game!!!!

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I tried fighting like Naruto, but ended up laughing my head off on the floor. It was fun!

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otaku problems. .__.

Otaku Problem: It's hard to be a die-hard otaku when you're poor.

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