Otaku Problem: Wanting to name your kids after your favorite anime character. (I want my kids to be named Kyo & Saya!)

Otaku Problem: Wanting to name your kids after your favorite anime character<<<<<<im naming my son Kaneki and my daughter Mikasa

A hard decision but we all know what we're going to choose.

NEXT EPISODE I get like 2 hours of sleep a night ever since I discovered anime

Otaku problems i wish i could live in the anime world it would be amazing!

Haven't you always wanted to go into an anime? Mine would either be Ouran Highschool host club/Death Note or Black butler

I tried fighting like Naruto, but ended up laughing my head off on the floor. It was fun!

Yeah I've tried learning to fight just so I can look like the really cool anime peeps who fight. but I yell when I get punched

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Otaku Problem: When you're sitting there, fangirling, squealing and spazzing out when someone walks into the room. true story i actually did that and my mom walked in akward

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Hmm what to watch after Tokyo ghoul. *consults list of need to watch anime*

I was like:  Me: Hey Jack-kun! J: ... Jayden... M: ... Im sorry... I.. I j- J: - I understand.

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga<< I give all my friends a country and sometimes I forget to call them by their actual name when I'm not talking to someone who knows about it.

Ah the struggle is real!!! Anyway Hey guys its been awhile!!!! What better way to start off with this am I right? So its around Christmas and I'll give a lot of shout outs out starting next week!!! *keeps thinking on what to say* sorry guys I've got nothin... :3

Yea thats way more painful than real serious problems amiright << or you can talk about something else besides anime and manga