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Ólafur Elíasson, The Weather Project Tate Modern: Exhibition 16 October 2003 – 21 March 2004

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Olafur Eliasson - Eliasson often fabricates natural looking phenomena in man-made environments like the gallery space in order to subvert how we percieve and experience the world around us.

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Ice Watch by Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing, Place du Panthéon, Paris, 2015.

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Jungles of Terror Temples of Blood | urhajos: Olafur Eliasson

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Olafur Eliasson in Aarhus I had the privilege of walking through this a while ago. It was indeed as if I were walking through a rainbow. Transcendent experience.

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Olafur Eliasson Installs Waterfall at Versailles

Part of artist Olafur Eliasson’s latest exhibition, Waterfall is a massive, life-size replica of an actual waterfall that almost doesn’t seem real. The plumes of water appear from mid-air before pouring down into the Grand Canal at the Palace of Versailles.

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One-Way Colour Tunnel by Olafur Eliasson

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'Your Glacial Expectation' - Olafur Eliasson.

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Waterfall (Installation view, Minding the world, ARoS AArhus Kunstmuseum, 2004) Olafur Eliasson

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artruby: “ Olafur Eliasson, Solar Compression, (2016), at Château de Versailles. ”

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