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Everyone always reads these so I suppose the only real rebels/dauntless are the ones who stop reading and are satisfied with not knowing what it says.

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Hunger games / divergent humor

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My brother was insulting my obsession on Divergent and I had a butter knife in my hand and I kinda stabbed his finger he had to get stiches and I don't feel bad one bit :)

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Divergent Humor, So True, Divergent

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HAHAHAHAHAHA I am ashamed to admit this took me longer than it should have to get>>Oh my gosh! This is hilarious!

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I asked my friend the same questions ( he had never seen this before) and he replied with the same answers

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Oh Tobias, are you sure one of your fears isn't that chocolate cake was never invented?? ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

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divergent humor - Buscar con Google

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Divergent Humor - Humör

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