nyan cat origins, just yes on so many levels.. I love the DBZ reference to fusion!! X147875428997534!!!!!

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different nyan cat | Nyan Cat by Fengze Han

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Rainbow paws - Album on Imgur

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The Animated GIF: Still Looping After All These Years

Nyan Cat via wired: See it now on Pinterest! #Animated_GIF #Nyan_Cat #Pinterest

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Recopilacion Gatito Pusheen

pusheen | Pusheen-Costume-Ideas-pusheen-the-cat-26391944-400-350.gif

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Nyan Cats

i am sorry but i would eat you in a heart beat

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``One day, I`ll be a poptart Poopin out rainbows``

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Nyan cat & keep calm!?!? SWEET!

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Nyan cat by Dark-Chusan on DeviantArt

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Nyan cat's litter box.

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