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americana-plus: shipwreckedinsc: ijsman by -FrederikHerregods- Spring Break Week Meanwhile, back home…

Nuclear Winter Is Coming TShirt Fallout 3 4 Game Tee |

Nuclear Winter Is Coming Fallout 3 4

Beijing smog is so bad they're now calling it a 'nuclear winter'! TIME World

China's Smog Is So Bad They're Now Calling It a 'Nuclear Winter'

shortcuttothestars:  More post-apocalyptic by shortcuttothestars ’apparently Nazgûl live through the nuclear winter ??

shortcuttothestars: More post-apocalyptic by shortcuttothestars ’apparently Nazgûl live through the nuclear winter ?// Psht, I would wear this XD probably minus the hood though.

apocalypse winter

It already is the end of April, so it's time for the Post Apocalyptic Wallpapers collection of April This month we have some game related wallpapers,

The Post Apocalyptic Wasteland, that was earth is known to be a brutal place. Raiders, Mutants, Cannibals, Scavengers roam here, and they want everything you have even your life.   You have to be tough, cold as the nuclear winter. Determined enough to survive at all costs, even perhaps your humanity.   This Nasty Mutant Mangler Maul is a fitting example of what the fall of humanity can spawn. Made by some deranged Rad-head cannibal from materials scavenged from the remnants of a kitchen of…

Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Nasty Mutant Mangler Maul Mad Max Fallout

The Post Apocalyptic Wasteland, that was earth is known to be a brutal place…