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I have learned a lot about grains and how to properly prepare grains. There are 3 ways one can properly prepare grains to make them more digestible. One of these ways is by soaking. Learn how to soak your oatmeal to make them more digestible!

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25 Steps to Eating Nourishing Traditional Foods

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Seeking the Perfect Homemade Whole Wheat: Nourishing Traditions Soaked Buttermilk Bread (#. 7)

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Nourishing Traditions Meatloaf | The Elliott Homestead

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10 step homemade granola with soaked oats & nuts (Nourishing Traditions)

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nourishing traditions …

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How to Make Homemade Ginger Ale - the "Nourishing Traditions" version

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Nourishing Traditions Basic Black Beans | Radiant Life Blog

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Nourishing Traditions - Yummy Baked Custard. What to make when you have too many eggs.

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Simple Sourdough Bread Recipe, based off Nourishing Traditions

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