Norwegian forest cat

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* * CAT SNIP: Norwegian Forest Cat - What could be more magnificent than a large emerald eyed cat with a long flowing mane and tail that can fan out to 12 inches or more? It's not surprising that the Norwegian Forest Cat, which emerged from the forests 4,000 years ago, accompanied the Vikings around the world, protecting their grain stores on land and sea, and leaving their feline progeny in North America.

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Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

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@ Kayti - You should get this cat! Black smoke norwegian forest cat

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The Norwegian Forest Cat is the closest to what a cat looked like during the…

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fuzzybumblrbee: “ (via Tuesday’s Best: Meet The Glorious Guardian Of The Nordic Forests! | ViralSpell) ”

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Quiet as a Mouse. Norwegian forest cat is generally quiet but when he speaks, its with chirps and meows.

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Supposedly a Norwegian Forest Cat - One of the few domesticated house cats that are still common in the wild.

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Forestdew is a very gentle, and kind cat. She has just turned into a warrior three moons ago. She is very strict, but will always help you 'till you've mastered the skill. (Up For RP)

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Alfrida, Norwegian Forest Cat/ skogkatt

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Winter Is Coming | Originating in Norway, this breed is built for cold climates. Their fur is waterproof and double insulated to help them withstand harsh weather during their native Scandinavian winters.

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