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Stunning use of negative space by Noma Bar

Noma Bar is an Isreali artist internationally renown and now based in London. His works regularly appear in magazines and on advertising campaigns. His style is very minimalist and based on a very clever use of the negative space. Discover more illustrations on his Facebook page and his page on the site of his agency.

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Stunning use of negative space by Noma Bar

Art-Spire, Source d'inspiration artistique / Stunning use of negative space by Noma Bar

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Mad Men / Noma Bar

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Noma Bar | Look Out | #Eyestorm

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using a woman's mouth to create the chicken, the chicken and the woman being oppositely negative and positive space, is the pint of the picture to find the chicken or see the lady

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Love is the drug by Noma Bar

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Noma Bar’s Minimalist Vector Portraits of Cultural Icons

This portrait of Hitler accompanied James Delingpole's article 'Mein Kash: Milking the Third Reich,' written for Esquire UK. The piece examined the publishing trend to release books about Hitler (which number close to 1,000 on Amazon). For such an article, Bar's choice to convert the moustache into a barcode was spot-on.

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Which Came First? Noma Bar #nomaBar

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Great Illustrations by Noma Bar

Norma Bar, from Daily Inspiration blog,

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Noma Bar on

Cover for The Economist

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