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Xyy'nai Nikki Sixx - Music Artist (Motley Crue/bassist).

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RT @NikkiSixx: Hey @FFDP and @Shinedown..THANK YOU FUCKERS FOR TAKING @SixxAM on tour this fall. LETS RIP IT UP.

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You know long live in the past, enjoy the present while looking forward to the future. Keep it moving people!

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Nikki Sixx - Motley Crue

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So this is my new mantra. I put that down on a post it and stuck it right to my mirror. Fuck yeah.

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Nikki Sixx - Motley Crue

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judgemental people usually judge others due to their own self insecurities,self hate,and jealously and they get off on making themselves feel good by trying to bring others down whether it be by judging them by their scars,mistakes,life choices etc. Don't judge. Everybody is fighting some sort of battle in this life.

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I absolutely LOVE this man!!

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Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil (Motley Crue) More

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Best Rock N Roll Quotes | Rock N Roll | Decadent Lifestyle

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