i kinda miss nico | art by awabara

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Rick Riordan | Indifferent Ignorance

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If you insult Nico, I will hurt you<<NO ONE HURTS NICO<<<DONT TOUCH OUR NICO <<<YOU TOUCH HIM, YOU DIE. PAINFULLY<<I'll get the chainsaws and blowtorches<MINE

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This is why I won't ever forgive Bianca Di Angelo...I don't hate her but I can't forgive her...EVER...

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...No it doesn't, but that would be cool. It would mean 'victory of angels' or something, but Angelo isn't plural, so maybe 'victory of an angel'

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Aww that must be Jason's shirt!

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Nico di Angelo - Dislike the last pic

Nico di Angelo - Dislike the last pic

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I think he would reply with, "I came from there... That sentence you said has the answer in it..."

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Nico di Angelo. im great Nico thanks for asking! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!cc

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