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Nick Miller Wisdom.

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Community Post: 16 Times Nick Miller From "New Girl" Was An Actual Dreamboat

When he casually listed off his weaknesses: | Community Post: 16 Times Nick Miller From "New Girl" Was Too Cute To Handle

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50 Reasons You Can't Stop Crushing on Nick Miller

Jake Johnson on New Girl GIFs

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Community Post: 21 Times Nick Miller Was Literally You

Can you feel the bro love? Schmidt gives Nick 5 Bucks for something special. "I love burritos." Nick Miller Was Literally You

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New Girl - Panic Moonwalking | Unisex T-Shirt

"Every time I try to talk to him he starts moon walking out of the room! He panic moon walks."- I somehow do this every day

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Pretty in love with Nick Miller..

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Nick Miller

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The "New Girl" Drinking Game

Whenever anyone breaks out in dance: Do three fist pumps, take a drink. | The “New Girl” Drinking Game

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17 Nick Miller quotes that will make you say, “Me.”

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Jake Johnson aka Nick Miller, can i just say this man drives me wild!

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