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TRUE AMERICAN! Must play this.

And The Winners Of Our “New Girl” Twitter Contest Are…

TRUE AMERICAN! Must play this.

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The Funniest "New Girl" Quotes From The First 99 Episodes

The 100th episode of <i>New Girl</i> airs this week, so here are some really funny lines, one from each of the previous 99 episodes.

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Winston from New Girl discovers that he is color blind. "They're as brown as money"

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Hahaha oh, Nick...

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Men Are All The Same

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24 Times Jess From "New Girl" Was 100% Actually You

When she had the perfect reaction to this blasphemous statement.

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New Girl - Panic Moonwalking | Unisex T-Shirt

"Every time I try to talk to him he starts moon walking out of the room! He panic moon walks."- I somehow do this every day

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I can remember shouting "DAMN KIDS!" when I was a kid... Like a weirdo lol

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23 times Jess from "New Girl" described our reactions to life perfectly

and are in your most dramatic state

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"That's crazy." -Nick ~ New Girl ... I am juse having a blast laughing at all of this hysterical stuff on pinterest --- half of it reminds me of my friends XD

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