Nerd Girl Problems. This happened to me when I was younger. Now I buy them. Can't wait too much.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

suggested by anonymous - Nerd Girl Problems "Apparently the library has a limit to how many books you can check out at one time. Louis County Library is awesome :)


Nerd Girl Problems...

nerd girl problems

Nerd Girl Problem 295 Choosing between finishing your homework that's due in tomorrow or finishing a really good book.

Positive Quotes  Nerd Girl Problems. The book y                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Positive Quotes n Description Nerd Girl Problems. The book you really want is never at the library.

This is why I haven't gotten into the whole Kindle thing, because nothing compares to a REAL book. The smell of the paper, turning the pages...It's just such a wonderful experience.

Nerd Girl Problem 64 - People Think You Are Weird Because You Like To Smell Books.

Nerd Girl Problem

*dear time bell goes* Me: *doesnt hear* Rest of class: *packs up and hurries away* Me: *gasps* I can't believe they killed off Dobby!

This is true of many books, but I don't consider it a net problem. Does anyone even still use the word nerd?!?

Um City of Bones, anyone? The movie was an absolute piece of garbage, while the books are actually really good in my opinion. Nerd problems I guess.<<< how about Percy Jackson? What about that?

*Sigh* Finrod, Haldir, Lancelot, Morgana, Captain Nicholls, and Frigga. Sniff

More accurately, this is Problem Problem - when your favorite character dies for the umpteenth time. Problem - when your favorite character dies for the last time.