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NCIS - Gibbs Rules 2 by ~Unnatural-Freak on deviantART

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The biggest secret in the world: How Gibbs got the boat out of the basement I want to know how so bad

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NCIS, anyone?>>> you do understand that this is Abby... As in ABBY. The Abby who has Gibs wrapped around her finger as in can do/say almost anything and he will literally just smile/shake head and walk away like "that's Abby"... Really.

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the Brains, the Muscle, & the Wildcard. I do miss Ziva....

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Mark Harmon as Leroy Jetro GIBBS on NCIS. Love him!! He is the rock around which this show revolves.

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NCIS Quotes. The other one I like is from "Truth or Consequences" at the last where Gibbs says "Lets go home".

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Agent DiNozzo haha <3 NCIS :)he was measuring the wall which lead to a secret compartment holding fancy guns.

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Gibbs: she is a weapon!! And no kidding!!

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I don't car how many times I pin this it will always be true in my mind

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and soon to be Ziva as well. This is my life.

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