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ammonites (fossils) - loved collecting fossils like these as a child with my dad on family holidays by the sea

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Ocean Pictures™ on Instagram: “Check out @wonderful_earthpix for pictures around the world Nautilus photograph by Dave Deepwater”

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Pantheism & the Fibonacci Sequence. Everywhere you look, there it is. Discuss...

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Created as part of Rafael Araujo's Calculations series, Nautilus brings the logarithmic spirals of the famous cephalopod swirling to life in a precise field of three-dimensional space. #colossal

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The Nautilus - the famous atomic sub from Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". Is this sci-fi steampunk classic has inspired millions.

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David Holt / The golden no end

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walzerjahrhundert: Gustav Gurschner, Art Nouveau bronze mermaid lamp with nautilus shell shade, circa 1899

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Nautilus. Ever growing, ever changing. Once it grows a new, larger chamber it cannot go back to the previous ones; they no longer fit. It has no choice but to move on. Still, the old chambers are still part of them. Just as we are forced to move through life. Our past still stands and affects who we are today.

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Architectural Spirals All these beautiful photographs were taken by other Flickr members. List of named artists at linked page

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Vintage Sea Shell Nautilus Pompilius Print 8x10 P226

Vintage Sea Shell Nautilus Pompilius Drucken 8 x 10 von OrangeTail

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