Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. If we fly to NY to see my older brother this year and spend some time in the city, I would like to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The enchanting "The Staircase" in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Check out why its worth a visit at

10 Reasons To Visit the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

The Ceramic Staircase, Victoria and Albert Museum - London, England // Designed by Frank Moody.

The Morgan Library & Museum

10 Best Small Museums in New York City

Museo El Prado! I saw my first Velasquez (La Meninas) here. It was so much bigger than I had expected it to be.

Museo El Prado--The Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain s one of the best art museums In the world. You can spend days there.

The Best Museums in the United States

The Best Museums in the United States

50 amazing places to take your children in the United States.

50 Amazing Places in the U.S. You've Got to Take Your Kids To

Welcome to our state-by-state guide to an unforgettable family vacation. Or, a five-hour flight—you've got the freedom to choose, people!

Salvador Dali Museum | St. Petersburg Florida -- houses the largest collection of Dali masterworks in the world!

Salvador Dali Museum

"The bold design of the new Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg is an eye-catching success by HOK architects," reports the Tampa Tribune. "The building

An Impressionist Gem in Paris: The Orangerie Museum: A section of Claude Monet's masterpiece, "Les Nymphéas", at the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris.

An Impressionist Treasury in Paris: The Orangerie Museum

Chasing the Light: Best Impressionist Museums in Paris: Musee de l'Orangerie