Guide to Climbing Mount Everest

Climbing Mount Everest: Everything You Need To Know

Mt. Rainier July 2004   found on flicker with this note:    Climbing Mt. Rainier with RMI for The American Lung Association of Washington's Climb for Clean Air. I was on a rest break on the glacier above Little Tahoma while the guide took someone to a lower party to go back down.    At first I was annoyed, but -- I was able to sit for 20 minutes and watch the sun come up. What an amazing experience. The two guys in red were on my rope team. Little Tahoma below us.

Rainier July 2004 ( photo by Troy Mason ) :: view above clouds (Climbers on Ingraham Glacier, above Little Tahoma. Mount Rainier is a massive stratovolcano located 54 miles km) southeast of Seattle in the state of Washington, United States.

Get fit before your next mountaineering trip with these training tips.

Mountaineering Fitness and Training Tips

Mountaineering Fitness and Training Tips Get fit before your next mountaineering trip with these training tips.

carte des principaux sites à voir en Islande

Principaux sites depuis la route circulaire en Islande

Arches National Park #by admin #rock rocks cliffs mountain canyon nature usa america landscape amazing sky sun clouds sunset sunlight

TOP 30 America’s treasures

America is a great country with which we can assume that hides many wonderful and precious treasures of our planet. Let’s take a look at the 30 biggest treasures america … Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor

Ces montagnes époustouflantes du Pérou comportent des effets psychédéliques

Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu, China. The rainbow mountains became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in The colors are the result of mineral deposits and red sandstone.

10 photos qui vont vous donner envie de tout plaquer sur le champ

10 photos qui vont vous donner envie de tout plaquer sur le champ

Osaka Castle, Japan

Just seeing the historical castles is something that interests me and how/why they are still around. Just sightseeing castles while enjoying a nice hike or walk is what I would want to do.

Ecosse, Highlands

Road trip en Écosse : la beauté des Highlands

Surnommée le « toit du monde », la chaîne montagneuse de l’Himalaya rassemble les sommets les plus hauts de la planète. Parmi eux, l’Annapurna, au Népal, est particulièrement

Les plus beaux sommets du monde

Hallelujah Mountains Hallelujah Mountains, China - These Chinese mountains are the inspiration for creating the environment in the movie Avatar and they are wonder of nature

voyage de noces japon  (9)

Japon : vivre sa lune de miel au pays du soleil levant

Japan’s Nakasendo Walk. Photography by Kevin Kelly. The Nakasendo is an old road in Japan that connects Kyoto to Tokyo - it was once a major foot highway. I want to back pack Tokyo to Kyoto make it happen!

Ben Bulben, County Sligo, Ireland

In Ireland, Ben Bulben is also popularly known as ‘County Sligo’s Table Mountain.’ One of Ben Bulben’s claims to fame is its association with the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats

Le Ciel fantastique de NouvelleZélande  Chambre237

Le Ciel fantastique de Nouvelle-Zélande

This couple spend their cold winter nights in New Zealand photographing the amazing night sky - DIY Photography