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Boots, leggings, and a long skirt - can't do any better! - mori style <3

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【全部選べる福袋特設会場】夏 ワンピース 夏ワンピ 【シャツワンピース】ナチュラル ワンピース 秋冬 シャツワンピース シャツワンピース【aw35】【○】|ワンピース専門店 Favorite

Vestido de camisa de lino natural dot - 19 de enero de medianoche reventa】 【】 Rakuten: vestido de camisa de lino fino algodón polka dot capas que muestra en su interior [mangas largas Mokadotto] fue adhieren a un material adulto lindo * - No hay servicio de mail]: tienda de ropa favorita

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森ガール ナチュラル シャツワンピ 【カーキ】五線譜のようなレースとふんわりガーゼが奏でるメロディー*ナチュラル可愛く着こなせるゆるかわワンピース|ワンピース専門店 Favorite

This is a totally adorable dress, boots, and hat combination.

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cahmiau: autumn mori : cardi …

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last-cookie-in-the-jar: Mori/ Country Loli coord for today. I’ve been loving muted colors, delicate patterns, soft knits, and cotton. In the warm spring weather I want something easy and comfortable to wear! Dress: Miss Point Cardgan: Wonder Rocket

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oversized sweater, floral dress, delicate cardigan, polka dot tights, and boots SO CUTE OMG

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Mori Girl <3 Sei que não é lolita mas não queria criar outro painel só para esta foto xD

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mori girl... i love that this has spunk as well as being frou frou and girly

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#mori, #morikei, #forestgirl Reminds me of Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle

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Robin Kaplan - shirt is not my colour, but I love the rest

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