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Montessori Baby -- Baby Toys 6 to 10 months

The Kavanaugh Report: Montessori Baby -- Baby Toys 6 to 10 months []

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Montessori Familiar Faces Basket

Montessori Familiar Faces Basket with a tutorial on how to make these personalized DIY cards

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Baby Development Guide | @Piktochart #Infographic Editor

Baby Development Guide | @Piktochart #Infographic Editor

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12 Sensory Baskets For Baby - Pastels & Macarons

12 Sensory Baskets For Baby by Pastels & Macarons. Allow baby to explore with these fun filled baskets.

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We did it! At 10 months actual age and 7 months corrected, our little preemie babe born at 27 weeks is sitting up independently! It took some time obviously, but my goodness – is being able to sit up ever a game changer! And not only for him and his play either… For me too-…

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Montessori Baby Week 1

Montessori Baby Week 1 -- 5 ways to incorporate Montessori from birth.

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DIY Sensory Board for Babies

Here are instructions on how to make a DIY sensory board for babies. Simple to make and great way to have them explore textures and sounds.

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Doing Montessori with your baby at home - seven to night months | Montessori Nature | For Montessori moms |

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Exploring Montessori Sensory Play with Babies

Montessori Sensory Play for babies, Sensory play, Montessori, Baby play, Homemade, hands on learning,

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The 3 pillars to being a Montessori parent – an infographic

Being a Montessori parent - 3 pillars to build and master

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