Goanna- There is 20 species -Goannas are carnivorous reptiles.

Goannas are the largest dragon in Australia, or at least can be. We have never seen one more than 3 ft / long on our property but the surrounding national parks have some big beautys.

Manuel is a savannah monitor lizard who is just as cuddly has a puppy. His owner Astya Lemur shows him off on Instagram and says he's a very curious animal who loves to explore.

Monitor lizards are like cuddly pet dinosaurs (11 Photos)

Black tree monitor (Varanus beccarii), found at Aru islands, New Guinea.

The black tree monitor or Beccari's monitor (Varanus beccarii) is a relatively small member of the Varanidae family, growing to about cm in length. They inhabit the Aru Islands off New Guinea.

Earless monitor lizard (Lanthanotus borneensis) It is the only species in the family Lanthanotidae, a group related to the true monitor lizards, as well as to the beaded lizards.

The earless monitor is one of the holy grails of the lizard world. These are extremely rare and elusive lizards endemic to Borneo.

Giant Monitor Lizard Knocks on Front Door of House - Neatorama

When Godzilla Comes Knocking: Huge Lizard Tries To Enter Home In Thailand

Wow.. Blue Tree Monitors have the lone tails of any species I know of. ♡

Blue-Spotted Tree Monitor found on the island of Batanta in Indonesia. Adult males grow to feet consisting largely of tail


This Lizard Proves That Reptiles Can Be Cute Pets Too

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This might give an ideal of the tameness of Bigboy my pet Black throat Varanus Ionidies monitor

Komodo Dragon | Extremely poisonous and, at 9 feet long, this amazing creature demands respect!

Komodo dragon- extremely poisonous, and at 9 feet long, this amazing creature demands respect!