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Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper from Sherlock. She's a really sweet character, with a lot of pathos, especially for her unrequited love for Sherlock.

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I love Molly. She’s so ordinary; and yet she’s not a shallow character. I love this moment because Sherlock realizes he’s underestimated her observation skills and just stands there, speechless, outdone by little Molly Hooper; and you can tell from his face that he knows what she just said is true, and he almost looks guilty that he’s been unkind to her. I love how Molly brings out the humanity and compassion in Sherlock. (scene gifset)


This makes me angry cuz yes she deserves better than Sherlock but guess what... So does John! Why does everyone who doesn't ship Jonlock in this fandom get crap for it?!