Sieht wundervoll aus! Durch die riesigen Fensterfronten viel Licht und ein schöner Blick ins Grüne. Allerdings würde ich mir beim Bad einseitig verspiegeltes Glas wünschen. The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann

The Glass Pavilion, an ultramodern house by Steve Hermann

The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann - Gorgeous how the loadbearing walls used in this residential house, allowing the house to be completely open.

container home -

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A Glass House In The Sri Lankan Jungle | SkyWithLemon. stories ...

Wild Grass Nature Resort Sigiriya Sri Lanka Seems to have potential as a yoga studio / writing nook

Modern Glass House Designed Around Three Massive Trees |

Modern Glass House Designed Around Three Massive Trees

The architectural design of House Eccleston in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa by Nico and Werner van der Meulen. The renowned architects of Nico and

In Hiroshima, Japan you may find an ultra modern Glass House project by NAF Architect & Design.

Glass House by NAF Architect & Design

Image 16 of 45 from gallery of Glass House for Diver / Naf Architect & Design. Photograph by Noriyuki Yano

Modern Glass House Designed Around Three Massive Trees |

Modern Glass House Designed Around Three Massive Trees

House Eccleston is a Contemporary Architectural design by Nico van der Meulen Architects. View images, development details and contact details.

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Lake House is a project visualized by Paulo Quartilho. The project consists of a spacious and luminous lake house, with plenty of windows and an abundance of natural light. Renderings courtesy of Paulo Quartilho

This cool glass wall home in the Hollywood Hills by architect John Lautner blends beautifully into its surroundings. This stunning natural home design, encircled in lush landscape with a dazzling...

Glass Wall Home in the Hollywood Hills

WANT THIS DREAM HOUSE! in the Hollywood Hills by John Lautner. It combines innovative space ideas with modern organic architecture of wood and glass, polished concrete floors and a minimalist interior, giving the house a tranquil spa-like feel.

Une maison qui s'intègre parfaitement dans son environnement, sans empiéter sur la nature mais au contraire conçue dans le but de l'admirer #ecoattit

✿⊱❥ Juvet Landscape Hotel (Norway) - One of the most beautifully integrated with nature hotels we've ever experienced here at Well Travelled.