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Easy Mochi Recipe - Japanese recipe for dessert - you can also fill with balls of green tea ice cream (then freeze) or fresh sliced strawberries (for strawberries omit green food coloring and powdered green tea and sub a tiny dot or red food coloring) -

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Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream! Learn how to make this fun dessert with step-by-step photos.

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My grandma's recipe for super soft mochi. A naturally gluten-free and vegan recipe.

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Easy Sweet Mochi

Easy Sweet Mochi Recipe

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Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream もちアイス | Easy Japanese Recipes at

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Microwave Mango Mochi {recipe}

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Try this easy and tasty strawberry Jello mochi recipe. Get more island style recipes here.

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Lemon Mochi Chicks

Microwave lemon mochi chicks recipe for Easter

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Pink Green Tea Mochi. It looks good even though I have no idea how it tastes..... I don't care if Penny only likes "regular" Mochi!!!!

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daifuku, mochi, sakura mochi, dorayaki, taiyaki, manju

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