Book Buggy Brings Summer Reads to Beachgoers By Meredith Schwartz on September 20, 2012. MicroLibrary. Library Cart. Tully Free Library, New York, USA.

Book Buggy/Books for Beachgoers, Tully Free Library, Tully, New York

The BiebBus: A Mobile Library for the Ages - Book Patrol: A Haven for Book Culture

The BiebBus: A Mobile Library for the Ages

The essence of a successful library is one that serves its community well. But what about those places that are hard to get to and where it is to costly to build a library? That’s whe…

Danish Bookmobile-These Rolling Bookmobiles Are Cooler Than Your Local Libraries

These Rolling Bookmobiles Are Cooler Than Your Local Libraries

Image: Library Bus Courtesy Peter Callesen-- Callesen has created a striking skin for this Danish Bookmobile. The Bookmobile is a commission of the Danish Art Council and spreads library goodness to remote townships in the southern part of Denmark.

projet mobilivre (bookmobile project), '59 airstream, quebec

Apt Adaptation: 10 Cool Converted Bookstores

Previous poster: "Bookstore in an Airstream. Possibly the most hipster invention since the MacBook Air.

WOW! Mobile library service from an era not known to these days. Amazing! Perhaps we should adapt some of these concepts so the World these days is not so bursting with unhealthy use of technology!

vintagelibraries: “Library of Virginia, Welcome to the BookMobile, year unknown.

a lovely little mobile library making its way through the italian countryside :)

Tiny Mobile Library Travels Italian Countryside

Meet Antonio La Cava, a retired Italian teacher who travels around the country in his bibliomotocarro or librarymotorcar to get children excited about books. Book patrol: 3 wheel mobile library in rural Italy.

Camel mobile library, Mongolia.

Art-ish: The traveling camel library in the Gobi Desert. It is the effort of Dashdondog Jamba, a writer, poet, librarian, translator & storyteller who has devoted his life to making sure that children in Mongolia have access to books.

The mobile library is a good idea if it is applied in our society. We usually go to libraries for searching and to gain more information for the subject that we are looking for, but it looks interesting that the library comes near to you, near to your home, in your neighborhood. the collection could be for all ages such as for kids, youth and in many fields of education and science.

Mobile Library

This Japanese mobile library has a clever design allowing books to be stored and displayed on special shelving located on the van's exterior.

On National Bookmobile Day, 12 Amazing Bookmobiles That Show the Power of Books and Reading

12 Amazing Bookmobiles For National Bookmobile Day

Friends in Traincar.On National Bookmobile Day, 12 Amazing Bookmobiles That Show the Power of Books and Reading

beach library

Beachfront Libraries Are Pretty Much The Best Idea Ever

Cool way to engage students during the lunch hour when the weather is nice by creating a "beachfront library." Set up some lawn chairs and blanket and allow them to "borrow" a book for the lunch hour to enjoy!

sketchbook “It’s like a food truck where you get sketch books instead of Tacos”.

Art hits the streets with The Sketchbook Project: a traveling library of sketchbooks. What a neat idea.

The LA Public Library’s bookmobile for the sick, 1928

Old school KINDLE.the los angeles public library’s bookmobile for the sick, 1928