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This is how i like it ;)

Contractual male submission and slavery rules and guidelines for a Femdom power exchange relationships between a Domme and a consenting servile male.

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"Hi Sandman, I have been consuming your videos and love them. They have helped validate a lot of how I have felt most of my life. To sum up my childhood, I w.

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Our erotic shoes collection features designs which incorporate sex toys and accessories for fetish play as well as boots co-designed with a leading London Dominatrix.

You deserve someone who is terrified to lose you -

You deserve someone who is terrified to lose you

It's funny how the process of letting go works. The stages are real and it's a roller coaster of pain. Who wants to believe this person who seemed so amazing was actually just a liar and a manipulator. Bad enough the deception that this person was married too. I wasn't the only mistress, there were many.I hated her when I found out, or thought I did. Now, I feel compassion because she's still dealing with the emotional pain I dealt with for 3 years. And she probably has no idea the true…

And then she realised that she has devoted a whole book to someone who treated her like a footnote. So she put down the pen ad stopped writing