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8 Miss USA Pageant Tips You Must Know. Preparation is the key to success. Read about what it takes to compete successfully in the Miss USA pageant system by sharing tips that you'll need to win the crown.
The interview outfit possibilities are endless at the Miss USA interview competition! I love this portion of the competition, which allows each contestant to showcase her unique style and personality to the judges. This year we saw everything from dresses, skirt sets, blouses, jumpers, pantsuits and more in an array of colors. (Read: Top 10 Preliminary Evening Gowns at Miss USA 2017)  Each woman looked absolutely spectacular, but alas there can only be one new titleholder.Click to see our…
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Miss North Carolina USA 2016 - The dresses from the Miss USA 2016 preliminary were HIT, MISS and somewhere in between. While an evening gown alone will never win you the pageant the wrong evening gown choice certainly can cost you the crown. Due to the competitiveness of this year’s Miss USA class the girls who land in the Top 10 will need to be bringing their “ain’t nobody standing between me and that crown” game to every phase of competition
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Miss USA is the Super Bowl of pageants and when you win Miss USA you also win a ticket to a whole new life. In today's show we talk to Deshauna Barber and ask her what strategies she implemented to win Miss USA. Listen in and you will catch a glimpse of why she is so successful and how you can be also.
Miss USA 2014, Nia Sanchez makeup. http://youtu.be/Od0JPPJ4hCs
ake Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber, for example. Her pageant brand was relevant even before she ever stepped on that Miss USA stage and all throughout the competition. What is Miss USA’s pageant brand? She is an officer in the US Army reserves. This is evident through many aspects of the competition, even when watching the live telecast. Her video promos, her emcee commentary, and even her onstage answer all had something to do with her being in the army. Her brand is strong and consistent –…
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Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada, Crowned Miss USA 2014
Within the last few years there has been a change in the swimsuit competitions in all systems. Within Miss USA and Miss America, we have seen a large swing towards more athletic builds. Judges are looking for fit girls instead of the skinny model types.  It has also become a much more fun, fast paced walk with more intricate choreography including turns, pivots and sometimes props. This should be very different than your evening gown walk. Your posing should also be different. Instead of…
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