Military love!   I waited through many deployments and am so thankful he came back to me. Love my retired military man!

Military married to military. I would wait a lifetime for him if I had to, he's my hero, my best friend, father to our child, and my husband.

The amazing overwhelming love only a military wife can feel. Such a special kind of love ♥

I wouldn't say you don't know real love. Real love is different for everyone. Military love is hard, unique but in my opinion the best there is.

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You always know what you're signing up for :) girlfriend to fiancé so excited to be married to my soldier

So true on every level of a military relationship. army girlfriend Dating Tips you can find here : www.

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Military love<3

Carry Your Heart dog tag and ring set. "I carry you in my heart". I now have this thanks to the best boyfriend ever

So true. I was here four and a half years before the uniform, I'll be here forever after. True love conquers all.

we MET in uniform. i love you so much my soldier, my hero. the man our boys look up to. the man i salute and will stand behind anyday. do your duty babe.i love you .

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Behind every soldier, sailor, marine, airman, coast guard is someone who supports them with their whole heart! -

No one understand this more than a Military wife.and I don't care if he's active duty or retired, you're STILL a military wife - that will NEVER go away, that's a badge of honor that you earned. I'm PROUD to be an ARMY WIFE!

Husband *. In these relationships you miss the little things the most because those are the things that get taken for granted and you don't realize how important they are until they get taken away .

For all army girlfriends I don't want to bother. I just need some advices or tips to help me going trough all of this. Nobody here supports me or understands me and some days I just fall apart. Am I going crazy?