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CRISPR: gene editing is just the beginning : Nature News & Comment

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heart 91 has a pretty decent set of categories for their products - I like the organization. Also, they have started producing specialized human cells and small multicellular pests. Blog with educational suggestions:

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Navicula-humerosa-1G, Picture of Diatom, Microscopic Nature, phytoplankton closeup plant life , Water, Plankton, Algae, Diatomeen,Algen, Kieselalge , microscope, Mikroskop

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Small animals seen in the Scanning Electron Microscope - ciliates

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A Drosophila melanogaster embryo using in situ hybridization to visualize mRNA expression of the gap gene giant (red) and the pair-rule gene even-skipped (blue), with Sytox Green (Invitrogen) used to localize nuclei. Specimen preparation and imaging by Cecelia Miles, Dr. Martin Kreitman's lab; projection and cover design by Dr. Vytas Bindokas; University of Chicago, USA.

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Streptokokken, Mini Gemälde, Mini print, Miniatur-print, Miniatur, Mini-Staffelei, Lehrer für Naturwissenschaften, Bakterien, Mikrobiologie, Mikroben, Wissenschaft

Streptokokken Mini Gemälde Mini print von sandraculliton auf Etsy

I am currently obsessed with diatoms, they are amazing creatures. And yes, the beautiful things are living

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Aspergillus Niger, Mikrobiologie Kunst Schimmel, Schimmel, Pilze, Mykologie, Wissenschaft, Wissenschaft, Wasserfarben Gemälde original, Mikrobe, Kunst Geschenk

Aspergillus Niger Mikrobiologie Kunst Schimmel von sandraculliton

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E. coli negatively stained with 1% Uranyl acetate. Microscopic image

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Comment enlever la moisissure des murs avec des astuces maison

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