Michael Jackson the fun truth about Michael growing up in Encino California by his friends that found Him Neverland and also Started his Mega Fan Club is at www.insearchofneverlandthebook.com

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 1958 - Jun a musician and a singer, dancer, poet and producer of songs, businessman and humanitarian activist U. Known as the King of Pop. Class as the most successful artist ever by Guinness record numbers.

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How To Thriller! Haha This is funny because me and Anndraya and Elizabeth were Michael Jackson and thriller for a Lip-synch this would've been helpful for our dance ha ha

Jackson wore the red leather jacket in the 1982 music video Thriller. Thriller is one of best-selling albums. Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket sells for £1.1million at auction in 2011.

Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket sells for £1.1million at auction

Top 5 Michael Jackson Music Videos Of All Time Despite his passing, his legacy is still felt within the music industry. His music videos are still praised as some of the most innovative of their time.

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