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Mia Kirshner. Pinned for the long hair & bangs. Maybe mine will be here in another year.


Mia Kirshner - I have the biggest girl crush on her


Mia Kirshner as Geillie Duncan. While I know Geillie has blonde hair whenever I read the books I can just see Kirshner. Blonde is a box away and her ability as an actress is just phenomenal. #beautifulwomen


'Defiance' Star Mia Kirshner is Sexy as Ever (1 of 10) | Most people, whether they watched them or not, know Mia Kirshner best from her roles on both FOX's "24" and Showtime's "The L Word." The sexy actresses has already been in the acting game for about 25 yrs now, and yet she seems to get hotter and hotter. She currently stars on SyFy's "Defiance," which is set to debut it's 2nd season next Jun. Obviously, that's a ways away so, until then, we figured we'd give you an extra dose of Mia.