Mary Blair #PeterPan Ship Concept Painting (Walt Disney, 1955). One can almost hear #PeterPan saying, "Off we gooooo...!" when admiring this lovely little tempera and watercolor on illustration board concept painting by Mary Blair. It's an outstanding image of Peter Pan sailing away in #CaptainHook's ship in the film's finale, with an approximate size of 6" x 6.5".

Mary Blair Peter Pan Ship Concept Painting (Walt Disney, One can almost hear Peter Pan saying, - Available at 2013 November 20 & 24 Animation.

Mary Blair - ca. 1951 Concept art for Disney's "Peter Pan" (1953) - Opaque watercolor on paper

Mary Blair - ca. 1951 Concept art for Disney's "Peter Pan" - Opaque watercolor on paper

Mary Blair portrait, ca. 1941; Walt Disney Family Foundation, Gift of Jeanne Chamberlain and Maggie Richardson

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Mary Blair : Disney Concept Artist ( Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Small World Ride).

More from the wonderful Mary Blair. I'd love to pick this one up as a print. #MaryBlair

I love love love, Mary Blair! "Alice in Wonderland" Concept art by Mary Blair.

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This is Brittney Lee.she is an animator and illustrator for Disney.i kinda think you will be obsessed with her. A Shimmery paper waterfall backdrops a shy mermaid.

Mid Modern Space Age Century Retro NUT!!: Mary Blair's Art

Years ago i fell in Love with Mary Blair's Art I'm sure you recognize most of these Wonderful Pieces of Work from her First a little Bi.


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