9 Ways to set up a DIY Drink Bar and Blow Your Friends' Minds, like this Build-your-own at home Martini Bar.

Kahlúa Cocoa Martini: 1 part Kahlúa French Vanilla liqueur, parts creme de cocoa, parts chocolate liqueur, parts milk, Chocolate Syrup (For swirling in glass)

This easy printable is your guide to making martinis at home. Featuring six different classic martini recipes so you're already ready to stir up a drink!

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini: a dash of olive brine brings a salty, savory note to an all-time classic favorite.

This cranberry orange martini will be the perfect holiday cocktail for your Christmas party. It's got cranberry juice and orange liqueur. | CatchMyParty.com

The Ultimate Chocolate Martini Bar

Gummy Bear Martini

Made these for New Years and they did not dissappoint 😄 Its sweet, it's fun, and it's so easy. The Gummy Bear Martini is a darling little fruit vodka cocktail that includes a candy garnish, of course!

The most memorable wedding food I ever ate was the mashed potato martini bar. a big scoop of decadent mashed potatoes served in a martini glass, with your choice of awesome toppings (bacon, different cheeses, COCKTAIL HOUR

This Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini recipe is like dessert in a glass! Made with cherry vodka, this drink comes together in minutes!

Pomegranate Martini 2 oz vodka (citrus flavor) 1 oz pom juice 1 oz orange liquor oz lemon juice shake and pour~ (party drinks games)