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Mark Driscoll and Other Narcissistic Pastors

Interesting blog post by Tim Stevens Mark Driscoll and Other Narcissistic Pastors (


All of us have to grapple with the fact that at times our talent can outpace our level of spiritual formation and character. 10 lessons learned from the resignation of Mark Driscoll.


The rest of the article notwithstanding, this is so challenging - Mark Driscoll on his wife: "She did not know how to make our life more sustainable, and did not want to discourage me, but had been praying that God would reveal to me a way to reset our life. Her prayer was answered, and for that we are both relieved at what a sustainable, joyful, and fruitful future could be."


Dino Rizzo, Stovall Weems, and Steven Furtick: Banking on the ARC? Why would anybody go to this pit of snakes? Are people really that gullible?

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Religious Provocateur and Hypocrite Pastor Mark Driscoll Tells Christians to ‘Stop the In-fighting’


What Mark Driscoll Told Brian Houston at Hillsong Conference

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Livro Sexualidade e Reformissão (Mark Driscoll) - Download, comparar e comprar melhor preço

Sexualidade e Reformissão (Mark Driscoll)

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The Mark Driscoll Scholarship Fund for Women in Ministry

"The Mark Driscoll Scholarship Fund for Women in Ministry". This is just perfectly Sassy.

Ugh. Mark Driscoll How Evangelicals Are Protesting ‘The Rush Limbaugh Of Christianity’

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Mark Driscoll’s Apology

Mark Driscoll apologizes. It's not an apology but an explanation. My cartoon with a short lesson on apologies: