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Marie Avgeropoulos

octavia from the 100 | Marie Avgeropoulos could she play Dess if Malicious were ever turned into a movie?

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Marie Avgeropoulos... Absolutely the most gorgeous Woman I have ever seen in my Life Woman Crush Everyday

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La fonte 100 - the-100-tv-show photo

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“Marie Avgeropoulos in glasses aka the best thing the internet has given me today. ”

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Marie Avgeropoulos

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Marie Avgeropoulos

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Marie Avgeropoulos is seriously a freaking great actress!!

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((FC: Marie Avgeropoulos)) Seventeen year old Octavia Blake was originally one of the 100, but once arriving on Earth, began blazing her own trail for herself. Because Octavia was an illegal second child, she had to be kept hidden under the floorboards of her home, never venturing out until she was caught, then being locked up again but under government control. She is very adventurous due to being forced to be kept hidden her entire childhood in order to keep from being discovered. She…

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Marie Avgeropoulos

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Octavia Blake || The 100 || Marie Avgeropoulos

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