Margaery tyrell

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Margaery Tyrell-I actually really love her! Hope she off's Joffrey at some point.
Game of Thrones style: Margaery Tyrell donned this open-backed gown with a cascading train on her wedding day.

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Natalie Dormer as Persephone. Goddess of Spring.

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Sweet-talker Margaery wears a romantic half knot and loose waves in a park stroll at King's Landing.   -

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Margaery Tyrell ~ Stunning, cunning & clever! Love the raunchiness of her costumes. Some barely seem to be held on by a thread. #GoT #Costumes #Gameofthronescostume
She carries herself with great dignity and also modesty, and desires nothing more than to please the king, her lord.  < oh how wrong you are.
My finished Margaery Tyrell dress #imgur #GOT

My finished Margaery Tyrell dress