Old fan art piece of Mara Jade (Skywalker). One of the most popular Star Wars Legends character after Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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One of my favorite expanded universe characters: Mara Jade, Another character that I’ve never drawn despite the fact that I’m a huge fan.

If I were a jedi... I would have a lightsaber and a P90!

Mara- don't care what happens in the new movies- Mara Jade will always be Mrs. Luke Skywalker to me

Yep! EU should definitely be canon.... The legacy of the force was an amazing book series!

Mara Jade Skywalker

Mara Jade eventually abandoned the Empire to marry Luke Skywalker. Together, they foster Daphne's daughter Kee Skywalker.

Who decides 'Star Wars' canon? Meet the Story Group

Mara Jade - I wonder how many fringe Star Wars fans know who Mara Jade is.Who is Mara Jade?

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Mara Jade Skywalker was, during different times in her life, an Emperor's Hand, a smuggler, and.

There's a 2.6 sextillion percent chance that I will lose my shit and sob like a newly born babe if he says this

There's a sextillion percent chance that I will lose it and sob like a newly born babe if he says this

Mara Jade Easily one of the coolest characters in star wars. Description from I searched for this on

See Jedi Master Mara Jade on our superhero and sci-fi art and images gallery.

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The latest Rebels episode, "Legacy of Mandalore," just gave fans a tantalizing hint that Luke Skywalker's wife may be coming to Episode VIII.