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Europe after the Treaty of Versailles

This very attractive engraving by William Hole has a design that is based on the work of William Rogers for the smaller sized 1600 printing of Camden's Britannia. Neptune and Ceres flank the central roundel with a map of the British Isles

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Słynne mapy - Jerry Brotton

Map of the First Persian Empire (Achaemenid Empire) around 500 B.C.

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A je to „oficiální". Mapy Google začaly Česku říkat Czechia

Another D&D dungeon map, a bit smaller but it has more emphasis of combat strategy by use bigger spaces and separate rooms to make for some interesting close quarter battles

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Behind the waterfall.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Behind the waterfall. More

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The Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 (German: Ausgleich, Hungarian: Kiegyezés) established the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary. The Compromise re-established the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hungary, separate from and no longer subject to the Austrian Empire. Under the Compromise, the lands of the House of Habsburg were reorganized as a real union between the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary.

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