A quick reference to the maori shapes and symbols used in some of our jewellery. You can also view it here http://www.pauaworld.com/maori-shapes-and-symbols/ #samoan #tattoo

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The Haka - Maori - Aotearoa - Warrior dance from New Zealand  I WANNA GO BACK!!

The Haka - Maori - Aotearoa - Warrior dance from New Zealand I WANNA GO BACK!!

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Meaning Maori Symbols More

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Heavy build, broad, muscular and brooding, but not scary

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Maori Tribe - New Zealand. History: The long and intriguing story of the origin of the indigenous Maori people can be traced back to the 13th century, the mythical homeland Hawaiki, Eastern Polynesia. Due to centuries of isolation, the Maori established a distinct society with characteristic art, a separate language and unique mythology.

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Hongi is a traditional Maori greeting, which literally means “to share breath”. Hongi is done by pressing one’s nose to the other person when they meet each other. It is believed that when the two noses meet, people exchange their breath and the visitor becomes one of the local people (tangata whenua).

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Aotearoa (NZ) young women in traditional/ceremonial dress - Polynesian Cultural Center

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maori map of tribes - Google Search

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✮ Canoeing via a Maori Waka (Traditional war canoe), New Zealand

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Click on the link to these beautiful photographs and read the insightful comments, educational scathing criticism,

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