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A quick reference to the maori shapes and symbols used in some of our jewellery. You can also view it here #samoan #tattoo

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Maori women, New Zealand, c. 1900. They are doing a Hongi which is a touch of the noses. These is a greeting and also sign of respect.

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Meaning Maori Symbols More

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Maori blessing More

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The Haka - Maori - Aotearoa - Warrior dance from New Zealand  I WANNA GO BACK!!

The Haka - Maori - Aotearoa - Warrior dance from New Zealand I WANNA GO BACK!!

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Maori Pirate Princess by ArtByNath on DeviantArt. There's a cool backstory that goes with this that would make a cool story, click to see.

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Dying life of the tribe: Spectacular pictures by British photographer capture the people who are in danger of disappearing forever

In Polynesian mythology (Tuamotus), Faumea is a Polynesian ocean goddess. Tangaroa and Faumea had two sons together: Tu-Nui-Ka-Rere and Turi-A-Faumea. Later, Turi-A-Faumea's wife Hina-Arau-Riki was kidnapped by the octopus-demon Rogo-Tumu-Here. Faumea helped Tangaroa and their sons rescue Hina by withdrawing the opposing winds into the sweat of her armpit and then releasing them to power the heroes' canoes.

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Maori body parts More

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Lake Taupo

You'll need to hop on a boat to see the amazing Maori rock carvings at Mine Bay in Lake Taupo.

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20 Face Tattoos We Actually Appreciate

Heavy build, broad, muscular and brooding, but not scary

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