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"damm i forgot my pencil. but if i go back now everyone will notice. and then they will think im wierd oh god they are gonna judge me then hate me .... im sorry pencil"

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You shouldn't be following me, you know? -she tilts her head to the side, looking back at you with amber eyes- It's not safe here.

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Totally something I would wear, preferably in warm to bright colors.

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black and white manga girl - Google Search

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Cute anime manga girl

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B&W manga female character sleeping slumped over school desk, from We Heart It.

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Monochrome female. Get Inspired Today! Introducing Moire Studios ❃ || Feel Free to Follow us @moirestudiosjkt for more amazing pins like this. Or visit our website to know more about us. || ❃ #illustrations #digitalIllustration #drawings More

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This is simple. Cute. And makes me think that this girl has a crush, but can't confess because she's too nervous to. ;)

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#anime #animegirl #manga

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untitled on We Heart It

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from Nagareboshi Lens

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