//Boy I bet I can beat you in a fist to fist battle //Me // How immature

I'm still wondering why you always cared about me when i'm not really care about you?

I'm Cody Valentine, I'm known to have a reputation for being quiet, my age is and yeah I really like the winter season.

Valami Sasayokit hablatyol, de erről ,,Nein´´ jut eszembe...Táborban mindig elkezdtem: WAS IS DAS?!

Valami Sasayokit hablatyol, de erről ,,Nein´´ jut eszembe.Táborban mindig elkezdtem: WAS IS DAS?

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Santiago West "Kid, don't push it" Fighting either a recruit or even as a climax blood thirsty or even normal Ruban.

anime hipster boy - Buscar con Google

((Open Rp boy or girl needed))*I sit against a wall with my camera and and drinking my Starbucks and I look up and see you*