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Makers Tiny House on Guemes Island

The 144 sq.ft. tiny house includes a queen size loft and a single sleeper loft, kitchen with mini fridge and two burner stove, living room, bathroom, and an outdoor deck.


Chytře vyřešený vstupní prostor - ProŽ

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32 DIY Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

DIY Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

:: Havens South Designs :: loves how ceiling tracked recessed doors retract into the wall and how the slab doors hide storage and hide a murphy bed while being "wall papered" in an oversized photo reproduction. How artful.

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Tiny House Decisions Guide Book - How to Build Tiny

Ebook on the pros and cons of building tiny- education, helpful information.

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How to Organize your Laundry Room

Organizing your laundry room largely depends on how much space you have and whether you have cupboards or shelving to work with. LAUNDRY ROOM WITHOUT CUPBOARDS: You may either want to buy a mobile …