Love the mixed media and surrealism. But there's a goo message behind this one

Millennialzz Reaction to Discipline: Call and pop 2 Prozacs. (will work part time occasionally pending the riot or protest.

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I've always been a bit intimidated by collage - great collages are really great, but not-so-great ones are more like visual clutter.

Kinetic Art pinned from BB

Collage Meets Pattern - Madame Gilles

These amazing collaged masterpieces are the creative work of Montreal based artist Madame Gilles. Her cut and paste work has been popping up around the str

sky over the bay collage    want to do something like this large scale with more painting for my den

Sky over the bay collage with torn magazine pages. Love the stormy looking blue clouds!

" The Daily Splice " by Adam Hale

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Photo by Adam Hale. I like this design because it is simple but neat. It seems to have a meaning which makes you think what is the designer trying to tell you through this design? I think the butterflies coming out was a nice touch to the design.

Photography and graphic design by Bryan M. Ferguson

How great are these photographs by Bryan M. There’s nothing better than mixing photography with graphic design – the results are always so pleasing! The subtle pastels are &

I will definatley be doing this with some of my high school students. Beautiful art inspiration.

Collage Week- I am collage. Once magazine slices are laid down, student identifies 13 most important ways they define themselves.

Image result for what are the steps to magazine collage on stretched canvas

Image result for what are the steps to magazine collage on stretched canvas